Getting to the Core: Critical Memory Integration

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CMI Information Session Outline

Critical Memory Integration (CMI™) is a process-driven experiential approach that develops the therapist’s clinical skills and emotional availability for client attunement.

  • Introduction to Critical Memory Integration
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About CMI

Critical Memory Integration (CMI) is a process-driven experiential approach that develops the therapist’s clinical skills and emotional availability for client attunement. CMI™ has developed a neuro-clinical system that utilizes therapist skills alongside client experience to locate and integrate critical memories. CMI™ deploys these capacities to integrate CORE aspects of the client’s personal narrative with their broader self and re-attune the nervous system through the science of learning and memory reconsolidation.
CMI™ is founded on common elements of existing evidence-based therapies and is supported by a robust body of applied neurological research for learning, memory, and emotion.

CMI Live Information Session Schedule

Available via Zoom, view our upcoming live webinar schedule:

  • WED 07.10.24: 12pm EST
  • WED 08.07.24: 12pm EST
  • WED 09.04.24: 12pm EST
  • WED 10.02.24: 12pm EST
  • WED 11.06.24: 12pm EST
  • WED 12.04.24: 12pm EST
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Trainee Testimonials

Holly Christensen

Not only have I seen changes with my clients, I have been able to feel a shift and healing taking place within myself. It has been wonderful having support from the CMI community as I make my own discoveries through learning to tune into my own needs, which benefits me as a clinician, as a parent and partner, and as a human being.

Candace Ahkiong

Based off client experience, CMI is an effective protocol centered on a self-guided, explorative journey to core issues. This free-flowing technique has produced powerful results in my clients, which many of are in treatment involuntarily and unmotivated towards change initially. With CMI they have been able to discover that it’s “not really about the constant noise” they hear (in their head) daily; it is truly about connecting to their CORE self. I am thankful to participate in this journey with the knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive people at ARISE. In this field, that is truly hard to come by

Presented By

About Estefana Johnson LCSW

Estefana Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and trauma therapist. Johnson started her career in mental health in 2001 as a Behavioral Health Technician. She has worked in various roles and settings including residential treatment with at-risk youth and medical social work.

Her professional experiences in community mental health, along with personal cultural challenges as a first-generation child of immigrants, have shaped her understanding of and connection with people and continues to influence her therapeutic approach.

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Who Can Benefit from CMI Training

Designed for Clinicians by Clinicians.

Critical Memory Integration (CMI™) is designed for and has been implemented by mental health clinicians, including counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. CMI™ is structured to place the individual’s presenting and emerging concerns at the center of the therapeutic endeavor. As a result, clients feel heard and validated, and therapists can fill the role of empathic witness who is a partner in their healing journey and values their experience.

CMI™ was designed to be used with individuals who present with diagnoses of anxiety, depression, stressor- and trauma-related disorders, eating disorders, problems in relationships, and personality disorders.

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