About CMI

Critical Memory Integration (CMI) is a neuro-clinical system that utilizes therapist skill alongside client experience to integrate critical memories and recondition the nervous system through the science of learning and memory reconsolidation.

Core Values of CMI

Critical Memory Integration, or CMI, is based on a carefully crafted set of Core Values which have guided the creation of this new therapeutic system. We believe these values will resonate with change makers in the mental health community and inspire those to join us on the leading edge of mental health care. Together we can renew a focus on mental wellness and see lives rebuilt and restored.


We recognize each individual as having a unique matrix of experience.

We recognize symptoms as adaptive responses with a physiological explanation.

We reflect a belief that challenges in the human experience are normative and adaptive, not pathological.

The brain is an adaptive collaborative system of hubs managed by neural networks.

The brain can be rewired to increase healthy adaptation by enhancing an individual’s interoceptive awareness and emotional fluidity.

Who Can Benefit from CMI Training

Designed for Clinicians by Clinicians.

Critical Memory Integration (CMI) is designed for mental health clinicians including counselors, therapists, and social workers. CMI can help integrate critical memories and recondition the nervous system through the science of learning and memory reconsolidation.


CMI Domains

  • Who is your client?
  • What are their needs?
  • What experiences are they coming in with?
  • How does their culture inform their experience?
  • What do they need from you as their therapist?
  • What does it look like to be a high-performing therapist?
  • How much of being a therapist is impacted by your own personal healing journey?
  • How well do you sit with your own emotions?
  • What is your attachment style?
  • How well do you attune to your own emotions and the emotions of those around you?
  • What’s your level of emotional fluency?
  • How have you honed your clinical skills?
  • What is your level of empathetic responding?
  • How do you hold space and sit with others’ uncomfortable emotions?
  • How do you target and integrate memories?
  • How well do you understand the science of memory and emotions?
  • How does the nervous system interface with memory and emotions?
  • What are emotions?
  • What is the biological process of creating an emotion?
  • How do you work with your clients on emotional regulation?.
  • How do you work with your clients on nervous system regulation?
  • How do you work with your clients on memory regulation?

Taking CMI Training

Our multi-course training is designed for licensed mental health professionals.

CMI Specializations one-day workshops Coming Soon!

Course One
Introduction To CMI + T3

On-Demand Online Learning

This 6 CEs training is contains the prerequisite courses to begin the CMI certification track for licensed mental health professionals.

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Course Two
Foundations of CMI

Online Live Webinar Training

This 17 CEs training is a live, online class led by one of our clinical facilitators. This course contains self paced pre-work prerequisite.

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Course Three
Clinical Application of CMI

In-Person Training

This 14 CEs training includes: Memory Integration principles, CMI protocol, Clinical application, In-Person Practicum.

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