ARISE Alliance Institute

About Us

ARISE Alliance Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created and is supported by the Chris T. Sullivan Foundation as well as private funding sources.

Our Mission

ARISE Alliance Institute is committed to the mental wellness of all individuals, families, and communities through the support of innovative research, delivery of clinician training and education, and assistance to access of the most effective therapeutic systems.

Our Vision

The vision of ARISE Alliance Institute is to promote prevention, recovery, and wellness in the lives of those living with mental health conditions through comprehensive mental health services, education, and support by providing the most effective and innovative therapeutic treatment methods available to improve and sustain quality of life.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

We guide our organization on the following five valued fundamentals:


To advocate.

We believe quality mental health care should be accessible and attainable for any individual in need of support.


To research.

We believe evidence-based treatments put individuals on a path to recovery.


To Innovate.

We strive to be an organization of excellence and sought-after partner in delivering state-of-the-art mental health treatments.


To Support.

We provide quality mental health services and support through direct outreach, referral services, and nationwide partnerships.


To Educate.

We educate communities to embrace the importance of mental health and understand it is a critical component to overall wellness.

The work that we are accomplishing through ARISE Alliance is both meaningful and impactful. Improving mental wellness for humanity is our purpose and shared responsibility. One in five Americans experience a mental health condition each year. Multiply that number by family members and those going undiagnosed, and you realize the urgency of ARISE Alliance’s mission.

Over the past eight years, our goal as an organization has been to expand reach and awareness in the mental health field, educate both the clinician and client populations on treatment efficacy, and increase services to a widespread number of individuals suffering from mental health symptoms, going untreated, or receiving ineffective methods of treatment.

As Chairman, I am gratified to witness and experience such tremendous success in achieving that mission through the effective leadership of our team guided by our Executive Director, Kelly Bustin.

Chris T. SullivanChair

Executive Board Of Directors

Alex Sullivan

Vice Chairman

Tom Gates Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Thomas Gates


Kelly Bustin

Executive Director

Board of Directors

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Jay DeGeare

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Stuart Lasher

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