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We have some important news to share with you!

The goal of our organization was to increase the exposure of Accelerated Resolution Therapy, educate both the clinician and client populations on its efficacy, and increase services to a widespread number of individuals suffering from trauma, going untreated, or receiving ineffective methods of treatment. We are gratified that ART International has experienced such tremendous success in achieving our mission and goals over the past six years.

As a focused, mission driven non-profit, we have both witnessed and been part of amazing progress in the field of mental health. We are committed to continuing our role in this growth and adapting with the changing environment in mental health expertise.

At this time, we are moving in a new direction, embracing neuroscience and technology with a new organization, the ARISE Alliance Institute. While we believe in the power of ART, we are committed to advancing new ways of confronting the problems with which ART and ART International has been dealing. We are focused on advancing the future of mental health treatment.

As of July 13th, our contract with RCRR will expire and we will no longer be providing training, research, or development involving Accelerated Resolution Therapy.

Our new organization, the ARISE Alliance Institute, will continue to support those who share the mission of helping solve mental wellness issues. Our non-profit outreach and commitment to these causes will continue.

Please stay tuned for more information about our new endeavors as ARISE Alliance!